aNal 0gue

una c0nfluencia de t0r0s

       (3 bUlls mEet)


acRylic 0n caNvas

16oo x 12oomm


  acrylic, ink, oastel on canvas  

        1220 x 910 mm     


alm 0st beaRable

   daRknEss of eXistEnce

610 x 45omm

acRylic, inK, paStel 0n cAnvas


toros en desfile <bUlls 0n parAde>

acrylic on canvas   1000 x 700 mm      $1800

el pequeño toro

    acrylic on canvas    148 x 210 mm


  acrylic, ink, collage on canvas  

        1220 x 910 mm     


evEnt h0riz0n

acrylic & ink on canvas 

740 x 740 mm      $850

el0ns muSt

acrylic on ply

 600 x 600 mm      $300


  acrylic, ink, collage on canvas   

1200 x 910 mm 


BLAck wh0le sUn

   acrylic on ply

 910 x 610 mm      $850


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